Alexander Razhin wrought ironwork studio

Russia. Leningrad region. Gatchina district.We work since 1993

Call +7(921)7515450 and write

We offer not things, we offer family heirlooms. Serve children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren. Reliability, durability, exclusivity, beauty and elegance

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Hi, dear vizitor !

We`ve been in that business since 1993. Although our team is quite small we are able to cope with serious and challenging tasks.

In the course of the works we give preference to manufacturing small and functional items. It`s impossible to buy the articles we produce in the ordinary shops because our items are very specific and done to order.

Our motto is working out every detail not only on the design phase but also directly in the workshop.We aim to blend the item in the interior of the placing and to meet the demands of our clients.

Best regards.

Alexander Razhin.



Certificate Russian national standard GOST ISO 9001-2011
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