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Forged chandeliers, stylized wagon whell.
If you have a high ceiling in your house and are confused when choosing a chandelier, our forged chandeliers will be a perfect variant. They fit any size of a premise, have different sizes and quantity of bulbs. Up to 2 meters in diameter. From 1 to 24 bulbs on sconce or chandelier. We can design and construct chandeliers with bigger amount of bulbs. In our workshop we produce forged chandeliers from "cart wheels", as well as chandeliers stylized as "cart wheel". These chandeliers look great not only in wooden houses, but also in interiors with elements of stone, brick, textural wall-paper. Exclusively hand work. Term of constructing 2 - 3 months. We produce forged furniture in the same style as chandeliers as well. Delivery to other countries according to agreement.
Customer review. Nottingham.
Dear Alexander, This is the very best purchase of my life. I have no words to explain how much I like it! Well done from the bottom of my heart!!!! Once I finish fitting everything I will make some pictures about the whole conservatory. All my family is literally amused...we can't stop looking at this marvelous piece of heart... We will highly recommend you and your work to all our friends and family without any doubt. Thank you very much Mauro
Large wrought iron chandeliers with 20, 18, 12 and 9 bulbs.
Chandeliers made from wagon wheels.
Single-level forged chandeliers with 8, 6 and 4 bulbs.
Forged sconces, wooden and metal lamps.
Wrought iron furniture made in the same style as chandeliers.