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How to make an order.
As exemplified by delivery of a chandelier and lamps to Nottingham UK. The customer sent a photo of the chandelier that he liked. He stated his wishes. Size (diameter 135 cm, height 90 cm) Base material (oak) Number of bulbs (12 pieces) Color (black, bronze patina, varnish) In addition, 3 lamps which total look corresponds to the chandelier were required.

Dear Alexander as agreed by telephone please find here attached a photo that explains approximately how it should look like the room that we want to ornate. As you can see we need: - 1 Single wheel chandelier (the chandelier should be maximum 140 cm large and 110 cm high) - 1 Half moon wall light of the same style of the chandelier - 2 angular wall lights of the same wrought iron of the chandelier. Please let me know if everything is clear. Kind regards Mauro

The customer specified his address so that we could calculate the cost of delivery from the London airport to his house. An agreement was drawn up and sent for approval. After signing the agreement, the customer transferred 60% of the total cost via PAYPAL.
In the course of work we regularly sent photos of the work done. If necessary, corrections were introduced into the project by agreement with the customer.
When ready we installed the chandelier in the workshop, connected power and tested it. We made detailed photos and sent to the customer.
The work was accepted, the chandellier and the lamps were safely packed. Then we developed a detailed installation and maintenance instruction. The customer transferred the remaining 40%. Within 3 days the cargo was delivered to the customs terminal of Pulkovo Airport.
Four days later the chandelier was delivered to the customer's house located 200 km away from London. The customer paid for customs clearance and delivery from the airport about 1500 euros. As a result, the chandelier, 3 lamps, customs clearance and delivery to the house amounted to 6100 euros. A representative of the transport company was engaged in all issues related to registration and delivery in the UK. After installation the customer sent a wonderful feedback.